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STEM Faculty and Staff

STEM Teachers

/Robotics and Engineering





Mrs. Blackmon/Design & Discovery, Photo, Gaming



/Honors English IV




/Earth & Env. and Physics






Mr. Combs/World and American History I and II



Mrs. Heath/STEM Math II and STEM Discrete



Mrs. Homiller/STEM Bio and AP Bio



Mr. Madorin/Chem and AP Chem



Mrs. Hicks/STEM English



Mrs. Hyser/STEM English


Mr. Olsen/English II Honors and AP Lit



Ms. Pompei/STEM Chemistry



Mr. Porter/Fundamentals of Tech



Mr. Springer/STEM PE



Mr. Thornton/Engineering

STEM Leaders/Admin/Guidance

Mrs. Caligan- STEM Coach/Coordinator

Mr. Shoe- Principal

Ms. Michelle Kline- Admin A-F

Mrs. Kristy Bullock- Admin G-H

Mr. Platek-Admin N-Z

Mrs. Hand- Counselor A-D

Mrs. Palmer-Fabor- Counselor E-J

Mrs. Nalbone- Counselor K-Q

Mr. Witkowski- Counselor R-Z