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Scholarships + Money for College

Scholarships for the 2023/2024 year:

Current Scholarship Opportunities-Don't miss these!




Rover College Scholarship-$2,500-Due May 1, 2024

Alpha Alpha Gamma Psi Christian Sorority Scholarship-$500-Due May 15, 2024

Sallie Mae Scholarship-Due May 17, 2024

Learn more about Creativity Leads to Success Scholarship-$2,500-Due June 15, 2024


Closed for the year-

Jimmie Johnson Scholarship-In advance of the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series Chamption Jimmie Johnson’s final race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the 2020 Bank of America ROVAL 400, speedway officials honored the career of the future Hall-of-Famer with a 10-year scholarship fund to benefit children in the Cabarrus County community. Each year, a $4,800 scholarship will be awarded to derserving a deserving student with career pursuits in fitness, nutrition, or exercise science, passions that Jimmie has championed as much as he has racing. DUE September 1, 2023 – *Application* 

Sallie Mae $2000 Scholarship-Deadline 9/20/2023

Niche Back to School Scholarship Deadline September 27, 2023

Scholarship Owl No Essay Scholarship-Deadline 9/29/2023

Big Future Scholarships-Deadline September 30, 2023

Morehead-Cain Scholarship(UNC Chapel Hill)-Deadline to apply October 1, 2023

Be Bold No-essay Scholarship-Deadline 10/1/2023

Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship-Due 10/2

Levine Scholarship (UNC Charlotte)-Deadline to apply October 15, 2023 (deadline to let Mrs. Nalbone know if interested in a school nomination 9/29) 

Heisman High School Scholarship-Due 10/17/2023

Cabarrus County NAACP Scholarship-Due 10/18—See post sent out via Parent/Student Square!

Owl Scholarship-Due 10/29/23

CollegeXpress Scholarship-Due 10/31/23

Big Future $40,000 Scholarship-Due 10/31/23

Appily Easy Money Scholarship-Due 10/31/2023

Be Bold ($25,000) No Essay Scholarship-Due 11/1/23

Brinkley-Lane Scholarship (ECU)-must meet the priority deadline to apply to ECU, then complete next steps for Brinkley-Lane 

Parks Scholarship (NC State)-Deadline to apply November 1, 2023 

Belk Scholarship (Davidson College)-Deadline to let Mr. Witkowski know that you are interested 10/10. Application due November 15, 2023

NC Teaching Fellows Application-up to $5,000 per semester-Deadline to apply November 15, 2023

Cheatham White Scholarship (NC A&T)-Deadline to let Mr. Witkowski know that you are interested 10/10. Applications due December 1, 2023.

Jefferson Scholarship (University of Virginia) Entire cost of attendance at UVA ($345,000)-Deadline to let Mrs. Nalbone know that you are interested. November 1, 2023 for nomination. All materials due December 1, 2023.

Walentas Scholarship (University of Virginia)-Deadline to let Mrs. Nalbone know that you are interested. Novmber 1, 2023 for nomination. All materials due December 1, 2023.

Elks National Scholarship-Deadline November 13, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards Scholarship-Due November 13, 2023

The Robertson Scholarship Leaders Program-(Duke + Carolina)-Due November 15, 2023

Live Your Dreams Awards ($16,000)-Due November 15, 2023

10 Words or Less Scholarship ($1,000)-Due November 15, 2023

Young Artist Award-Musicians-Due November 15, 2023

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship-(up to $50,000 per year/$220,000)-Due November 16, 2023

Charlotte Metro Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar Scholarships-Due November 17, 2023

Davidson College scholarships-please see their site for specific qualifications and deadlines.

Spirit of Catawba College Scholarship (Full ride)-Deadline for scholarship February 3, but deadline to apply to the college is November 15.

Burger King Scholars Scholarship-Application open October 16-December 15, 2023

Dell Scholars Scholarship-Due December 1, 2023

American College Foundation Scholarship-Due December 1, 2023

Greenhouse Scholars-Due December 1, 2023

Hagan Scholarship ($60,000)-Due December 1, 2023

PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship $2,000-Due December 5, 2023

Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship-Females pursuing STEM field-Due December 13, 2023

Niche’s $50K Scholarship (NO ESSAY)-Due December 14, 2023

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship-Due December 15, 2023

Owl Scholarship No Essay Scholarship $1,000-Due December 29, 2023

Travel Nurse Scholarship-Due December 31, 2023

AIAA Lockheed Martin Marillyn Hewson Scholarship -Females—Due December 31, 2023

Big Future $40,000 Scholarship-Due December 31, 2023

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship-$25,000 (ages 16-26)-Due January 3, 2024

FFA Built Ford Tough Scholarship-Due January 11, 2024

Montreat College Honors Program Scholarships-Applications Due January 15, 2024 * See other tasks needed.

Flavorful Futures Scholarship-$5,000-Due January 31, 2024

Flavorful Futures Go Green Scholarship-$5,000-Due January 31, 2024

Sallie Mae Scholarship-$2,000-Due Janurary 31, 2024

DAR Scholarships-amount varies-SEVERAL DAR SCHOLARSHIPS POSTED IN LINK-Due January 31, 2024

Material Handling Education Foundation Scholarships-$6,000-Due January 31, 2024

Be Bold Scholarship-$25,000-Due February 1, 2024

Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship-Due February 5, 2024

Michael A. Demayo-See Mrs. Nalbone for packet-Due February 12, 2024

Learn more about McDonald’s HACER National Scholarship-up to $100,000-Due February 13, 2024

Learn more about First Baptist Church Community Scholarship-$500-Due February 16, 2024

Learn more about SECU People Helping People Scholarship-$10,000-Due February 22, 2024 at 3pm

Learn more about the Bethel Enrichment Center Community Impact Scholarship-$500-Due February 25, 2024

Learn more about Common App Scholarship ($2,000)-Due February 29 (Leap Day!), 2024

Learn more about Niche Scholarship-$25,000-February 29, 2024

Learn more about Dan + Vicky Hancock Scholarship-$5,500-Due February 29, 2024

Union Power Scholarship $1,000-Due March 1, 2024

CMARC Relocation Scholarship-Due March 1, 2024

 Fisher, Beth-Lee + Simonis Scholarship-Specific to Cab County Students-Due March 1, 2024

 Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship-$10,000-Due March 1, 2024

Eunice Riggins Memorial Scholarship-$2,000- Due March 1, 2024

Mary Rose Mills-Linda Rankin Memorial Scholarship-Due March 1, 2024

Clare Johnson Marley-Marley Earle Berger Fine Arts Scholarship-Due March 1, 2024

North Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa Student Achievement Scholarship-$2,000-Due March 1, 2024

Pegge Haywood Annual Scholarship-$500-$1,000-Due March 15, 2024

Diversity Scholars Program-$20,000-Due March 15, 2024

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship-$25,000-Due March 15, 2024 ((For current JUNIORS)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers-$5,000-Due March 15, 2024

Central Cabarrus PTSO Scholarship Requirements + Application-$500, 3 available-EXTENDED TO 3/25

Hadden Scholarship-amounts vary-Due March 22, 2024

LAWA Latin Americans Working for Achievement-Due March 24, 2024

NC Association for School Resource Officers Scholarship-$500-Due March 24, 2024

Doris Y. Rogers Cabarrus County Agricultural Fair Scholarship APPLICATION  + Letter of Recommendation Form -Due March 24, 2024 

Unboxing Your Life Scholarship-Video submission-$4,000-Due March 31, 2024

Public Spirit Scholarship-$1,000-Due March 31, 2024

Nuts, Bolts, + Thingamijigs Scholarships-$3,500 Due March 31, 2024

BeArt Presets Academic Scholarship-$5,000-Due April 1, 2024

Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship-$500-$1,000-Due April 10, 2024

RCCC Scholarships-Award varies-

Sam Leder Scholarship $1,000-Due April 1, 2024 EXTENDED TO APRIL 10th

CCHS Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship-Due April 5, 2024 EXTENDED TO APRIL 15

National Dairy Shrine Scholarship-42 listed scholarships, amount varies-Due April 15, 2024

Dr. Lowder Scholarship-$1,000-Due April 17, 2024

Harrisburg Art Walk Scholarship-Due April 19, 2024

CLT Knights + Piedmont Natural Gas STEM Scholarship-$1,000 Due April 21, 2024

CLT Knights + Atrium Health Scholarship-$1,000 Due April 21, 2024

Jimmie Johnson Scholarship-$4,800-Due April 26, 2024


Previous opportunities from the 22/23 year – check back next year.

AGRIbusiness Scholarship: Due 2/1/23 

SECU Scholarship-People Helping People: Due 3/2/23 

Pegge Haywood Annual Scholarship : Due 3/15/23 

Horatio Scholarship (FOR JUNIORS): Due 3/15/2023 

RCCC Scholarships: Due 3/15/2023 

NC One Water Scholarship: Due 3/15/2023 

2023 John Kirkman Honorary CTE Scholarship Application: Due 3/17/2023 

2023 LeeAnn Tuttle-Thomas Memorial CTE Scholarship: Due 3/17/2023 

Central Carolina Association of REALTORS Scholarship. Due 3/24/23 

Bob R. McGuire Memorial Scholarship/NC Child Support Council Scholarship: Due 3/24/2023 

Energy United Scholarship: Due 3/31/23

-Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Central. Due 3/31/23

LAWA-Latin Americans Working for Achievement: Due 4/2/2023

SEANC Scholarship: Due 4/15/2023

CMARC Scholarship: Due 4/17/2023

CCHS PTSO Scholarship + Info: Due 4/21/23

Vernie Pharr King Scholarship Application: Due 4/22/2023

Gamma Epsilon Zeta Chapter Scholarship: Due 4/22/2023

Student-View Scholarship Program: Due 4/23/23

-Dr. Chris Lowder Scholarship: Due 4/25

CCHS Alumni Legacy Scholarship: Due 4/26

-Criminal Justice Fellows Program: Due 4/30/2023 Additional Criminal Justice Fellows Program document

Workforce Development Scholarships (community college or technical schools): Due 4/30/2023

Charlotte Knights + Atrium Health Scholarship: Due 4/30/23

Charlotte Knights + Piedmont Natural Gas STEM Scholarship: Due 4/30/23

Charlotte Knights + Traci Rajkowski Education Scholarship: Due 4/30/23

NC Home Builders Educational + Charitable Foundation Scholarship: Due 4/30/23

-Harrisburg Art Walk Scholarship: Due 5/1/23

La Notica Scholarship: Due 5/2/2023

CCHS Athletic Booster Scholarship: Due 5/5/2023

Magnolia Grove Scholarship: Due 5/12/23

Iota Chapter of NC Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship: Due 5/12/2023 by 5pm + Application

Gina Guthrie Scholarship: Due 5/15/2023

Billy Jones Memorial Scholarship-Fallen Lineman Foundation

American College Foundation-Visionary Scholarship Program: Due 6/1/23