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The PSAT is given each year in October. The PSAT at CCHS will take place in October 2023. See more info about the PSAT at this LINK

PSAT 2023 ... CCHS students can register to test with this online sign up:

Update: 5/30/23- PSAT signup is now open. It is very important at this time that students with IEPs or 504s sign up in order for us to process requests for accommodations.

>>>PSAT October 2023 sign up<<<

(Students with an IEP or 504 who want test accommodations like extended time MUST register by 8/21/23.).   


  • Prepare and practice for the PSAT with resources on our webpage HERE.
  • When will you get your scores? See more HERE.
  • See this Collegeboard youtube video about "Understanding your PSAT Score Report" HERE
  • Here is a LINK to personalized online SAT practice on Khan Academy. Students will enter their "access code" from the cover of their PSAT score report.
  • See , a website I refer to as a resource to find average college admissions SAT, ACT and GPA scores.


  • The PSAT is an excellent way for students to practice for the real SAT they will likely take in 11th or 12th grade.
  • CCHS students that are not 11th graders, but are interested in taking the PSAT, should email Mrs. Tucker (CCHS Test coordinator) to get on a standby list for the PSAT. Instructions for standby testers will be sent by Mrs. Tucker.
  • CCHS will not offer the PSAT in 23/24 to non-CCHS students.