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Junior Jumpstart


In Fall 2020 CCHS counselors invited all Juniors to a Teams meeting to share information that is vital to these students. We have been doing Junior Jumpstart since the Fall of 2018.




Links mentioned in class presentation


Website: Link:
NCAA Eligibility- for HS athletes wanting to play college sport LINK
ACT- college admissions testing LINK
SAT- college admissions testing LINK
AP- More info about college level AP classes at CCHS. LINK
CCP- More info about college classes via RCCC at CCHS. LINK
FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  LINK
$$$ for college- our webpage about financing college costs.  LINK
NCAA Eligibility- for the future college athlete at CCHS. LINK
Fee waivers- for costs of applying to college or paying for SAT registration LINK
Do I fit the Profile?- GPA and SAT and ACT averages for many of our popular colleges. LINK - helpful site to search for colleges that match student profile. (Using UNC Charlotte as an example) LINK